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not_that_girl16's Journal

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"There is no use trying," said Alice, "one can't believe impossible things." "I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the Queen.

Remember my name, you'll be facebooking me later...

And she's not the type of girl you hear about...such a shame, they say, such a pretty girl did such an ugly thing

♥ I'm sexy 17, live in a picturesque southern college town, eat when I'm bored, and am fatally attracted to all things bad, boys included.
♥ Dior, not war, bitches.
♥ I'm the bastard child of Alice in Wonderland and Holden Caulfield, and that should have you hooked.
♥ I think British slang is bloody irresistable, but I don't speak in it, because that'd be annoying.
♥ My favorite color is green, I can't live without my cell, I love it when I rhyme accidentally, sarcasm is my weapon of defense, and I make the peace sign in pictures.
♥ Want to know a secret? I want to gift myself with implants.
♥ I wouldn't mind living in Alaska.
♥ To me, the meaning of life is experience. Interpret that as you will. There are things about me that even my best friends have to guess about.
♥ My hearts greatest desire is to find out that Harry Potter & his world are entirely real...and that I belong there, cute Hogwarts uniform and all.
♥ Friends are the reason love doesn't matter...but I'm still totally boy crazy anyway.
♥ My favorite classes are A.P. English Literature and Gifted & Talented. I'm a smartass. I was uncool before uncool was cool. I throw my head back when I laugh.
♥ These days, parents don't read enough to their kids, you know?
♥ My friends and I, we check our lipgloss in our cells and our hair in car windows. We drive around our town thats way too small for us with the windows down and the music up and we gasp for breath between each laugh. We throw ourselves birthday parties every 6 months where we wear tiaras that light up. We take stupid pictures and make stupid movies and have stupid fun doing stupid things. We wear bunny ears for no reason, wish each other happy Mondays, and believe that the only way to make it through this life is to party our way through it.We go to the park about every weekend and we swing and wait in line with all the other lil kids for the merry go round and we go down the slide, screaming the whole way. We cuss like sailors and play hide n seek at Wal-Mart and get in trouble way too often. We drive on back roads and play truth or dare and if we ever need to find each other, we just shout Marco and wait for the answer of Polo because we're never out of earshot of each other. We've been there, rocked that. Now tell me we aren't glamorous.

What Makes My Life Worth Living...

♥ Jesus.
♥ The South. (American by birth, southern by the grace of God!!)
♥ Music, my one true obsession.
♥ Partying! Shopping! Chillin with friends!
♥ Animals, all of them, but especially cats and giraffes.
♥ My green iPod.
♥ Reading & writing.
♥ Headbands! Ripped jeans! Flipflops & cute flats!
♥ Lauren Conrad. Nicole Richie. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.
♥ America's Next Top Model, Gilmore Girls, Life of Ryan, Greek, Gossip Girl, House
♥ Profanity ;)
♥ The color green.
♥ Airbrush tanning. Running. Roadtrips.
♥ Texting. Sunrises. Jones Soda.
♥ Butterscotch shakes & saltwater taffy.
♥ Cellular phones, especially my gold Razr named Anastasia.
♥ Breezy summer nights.
♥ Sports. Boys. Boys playing sports.
♥ The sexiest vehicle ever, the Lexus RX.
♥ Rivers, lakes, and oceans. Beaches.
♥ Fireworks.

Hate's a strong word, but...

Embarassing myself.
Stupid boys who dare to break my heart.
When my pen runs out of ink.
Things that stand in my way.
The taste of vodka and whiskey.
Losing anything, whether it be a volleyball game or an earring.
Most of my exes.
Any and all conflict.
Missing a call.
Being lonely.

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